When should you see a urologist?

When should you see a urologist?

The urology professional has a very important role in the health and quality of life of men and women. Urologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating various urinary tract diseases of both genders, as well as identifying and treating problems related to the male genitalia.

Every urologist  holds a specialization in both general surgery and urology, which requires at least 11 years of study to obtain the necessary qualification. Urology professionals treat problems and dysfunctions in organs such as the kidneys, bladder, prostate, ureters, testicles, penis, urethra, among others.

Want to know more details about the urologist? In this article, we, at Blanc Hospital, have separated for you some tips on when is the ideal time to make an appointment with a professional from urology. Check out!

Symptoms of sexually transmitted infections

The urologist, among other specialties, is the health professional responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections in men. Therefore, when there are symptoms such as, among others, redness, itching, wounds and pain in the genital region, the patient should seek a doctor urologist to treat any diseases, in order to restore the desired quality of life .

Also, regarding sexual intercourse, men can consult with urology professionals to resolve common health complications such as sexual impotence, premature ejaculation, decreased libido, discomfort during intercourse, among several other problems in the male sexual universe.

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Urinary problems

Although urologists are widely consulted to treat problems related to men, the competence and qualifications of these health professionals are broader. Doctors working in this area also treat women patients when they present symptoms of diseases related to the urinary tract.

These symptoms can indicate inflammation, infections, kidney damage, or even cancer in a particular region of the urinary system. Therefore, it is important to pay attention and consult a urologist if symptoms such as urinary incontinence, dripping, blood in the urine, discomfort when urinating, decreased or increased urinary flow, among others, appear.

The Dr. João Pedro Tellesurologist accredited to Blanc Hospital and member of the Brazilian Society of Urology and international member of the American Urological Association, explains some details about the main problems that affect the urinary tract: “Diseases that affect patients in the urinary tract can be inflammatory, infectious, calculus formation, dysfunction in certain organs and benign or neoplasia malignant”, he summarizes.

The forms of treatment, according to the doctor, will depend on each case, on the type and degree of the established disease. Therefore, medical diagnosis is essential.

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It is extremely important that the patient consults a urology professional if he or she experiences pain in certain regions of the body. Pain is a defense mechanism of the body and aims to warn that something is wrong. Therefore, investigation is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of possible diseases.

The urologist should be consulted by both men and women when abdominal and lower back pain occur. In addition, male patients may also seek urologists when they experience pain in the penis and testicles.

According to Dr. João Pedro Telles, whenever the patient feels pain, related to the urinary and/or genital tract, he should seek a urologist. In addition, when bleeding, genital discharge, burning, discomfort and difficulty in urinating occur, an appointment with a urology professional is also indicated.


Another factor that should be taken into account when consulting a urologist is age. Men over 40 years old should seek assistance from a urology professional to customize their care – which can be through the dosage of PSA and, in selected cases, the digital rectal exam. Both procedures help in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and can save the lives of patients with an early diagnosis.

The National Cancer Institute, a body linked to the Ministry of Health, estimates that prostate cancer is one of the most frequent among the male population, besides being one of the most lethal. Early diagnosis is essential for the cure of the disease and can be carried out through a preventive consultation with a urologist.

In addition, the Dr. João Pedro Telles emphasizes the importance of maintaining medical follow-up with a urologist from a young age. Just as women should regularly go to the gynecologist, men should also have regular consultations with the urologist, in order to prevent, get informed and treat any illnesses that may not have apparent symptoms.

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