Discover the inpatient suites at Blanc Hospital

Discover the inpatient suites at Blanc Hospital

Blanc Hospital is a reference in surgery in southern Brazil, not only because of its highly qualified clinical staff and multidisciplinary teams, whose joint work provides an excellent experience in healthcare. Blanc reached this level of recognition also for the excellent infrastructure offered to patients, which connects technology and personalized service.

In addition to having two Intensive Care Units (ICU), operating rooms and recovery beds, Blanc also offers inpatient suites, providing comfort and privacy, in order to ensure a great experience for the hospital’s patients.

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Inpatient Suites

The inpatient suites have as main objective the adequate reception, bringing maximum comfort for both the patient and the companion and ensuring a comfortable stay in the hospital after the surgical procedure.

In addition to comfort, the inpatient suites offer privacy to the patient and companion in a cozy space, with an armchair, table, minibar, television, among other essential accessories for convenience. The entire environment is very well equipped to ensure a great welcome and personalized service.

High Tech

Technology and innovation, without a doubt, are great allies of comfort, isn’t it? Therefore, the Blanc Hospital invests directly in agile and connected solutions, in order to bring the best to its patients. The highly equipped inpatient suites are an example of this.

These ‘Blanc’ environments have Alexa’s artificial intelligence (virtual assistant activated by voice commands) and tablets, making it more comfortable for patients to stay in the hospital.


One of the highlights of the experience offered by Blanc to its patients is the special nutrition. The hospital has a menu developed by Fouet Gastronomia in partnership with the nutritionist in charge of Blanc’s technique, Anelise Serpa de Menezes.

In the inpatient suites, both the patient and the companion have access to the digital menu, through which it is possible to order meals by voice command or by using the tablet. In addition, the menu is always renewed and everything is adapted to the patient’s diet.

Personalized Service

All these attributes of the Blanc Hospital were designed with a single purpose: to guarantee highly personalized care for patients, adding a complete infrastructure and a qualified and experienced clinical staff. All of this is part of the Blanc concept, created by professionals who know the importance of a quality environment for those who operate in it.

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